WordPress for android

Hello!! Firts story on new engine. I have try post from wordpress for android. Its cool... you must try it if you android lovers.. Cauuuuu,....

Move to WordPress

i change my blog engine to wordpress.

CSS Input type

Use this if you want set CSS for input type, button, submit or file : input { } input{ } input{ } Happy coding !!

Change IE document default view

If you have problem with CSS view in IE 8, maybe  you must try this solution. Add this tag on head : <meta http-equiv="X-UA-Compatible" content="IE=8" > it...

Filosofi Pensil

Tulisan ini menceritakan kisah penuh hikmah dari sebatang pensil. Dikisahkan, sebuah pensil akan segera dibungkus dan dijual ke pasar. Oleh pembuatnya, pensil itu dinasihati...