Serial Dokumenter Valentino Rossi: The Doctor Series (episode 5)

GULANGGULING.COM | MotoGP – Setelah sebelumnya merilis 4 episode dari The Doctor Series ini, kali ini Monster Energy merilis episode kelima dari 5 episode serial dokumenter Valentino Rossi pada 27 Juli 2016 lalu.

Episode ini sekaligus juga menjadi episode terakhir dari Serial Dokumenter Valentino Rossi: The Doctor Series, seperti dikutip dari deskripsi akun youtube Monster Energy:

“The fifth and final episode of ‘Valentino Rossi: The Doctor Series’; a collection of clips created to prize away some of the layers of one of the most famous and best-loved motorsport athletes of the modern age; a man that everybody sees everybody enjoys but perhaps few really know. ‘The Boss’ carries a double meaning. Rossi is not only the top dog in the premier class of MotoGP and has existed in that sphere since 2000 but he also heads up a hefty business sprawl of merchandise and distribution. ‘VR46’ has a stylish and functional HQ near Tavullia and is the base for an enterprise that also looks after many other interests. We speak to the people running a busy parallel existence for Valentino and find out how the Italian is creating a legacy and an empire designed to last when the chequered flag has long since dropped.”

Dalam episode terakhir ini kita bisa melihat sisi lain seorang Valentino Rossi. Tidak hanya sukses sebagai pebalap, jauh di balik itu, ternyata Valentino Rossi adalah bos besar dari perusahaan miliknya: VR46. Perusahaan ini mengupas tuntas keseluruhan seorang Rossi. Dari mulai apparel, merchandise berbau The Doctor, hingga sekolah balap miliknya.

So, enjoy the last episode of The Doctor Series!

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